7 best things to do after a workout

7 Best Things To Do After A Workout

7 Best Things To Do After A Workout

To consider activities that can be done after your workout can be also beneficial to get the most out of your session. Your work out is just a piece of the puzzle; you definitely need to do certain things that will help you to improve recovery rate and to accelerate your progress.

This can be achieved just from taking certain foods or supplements and to modify your body temperature in order to increase your recovery and strength. A post workout routine can also help to maintain good energy levels and to maximize your results.

This article illustrates  7 possible steps to take after your workout and explains in detail how cold showers, post work out activities including foam- rolling can take your training experience at a higher level.

1. Contrast therapy.

It works on the concept to expose your body to hot temperature for a certain time and then almost immediately to expose it to a cold temperature for another period of time, repeating the same process for several times. Recent studies have discovered that contrast therapy compared to other post workout routine, can help to improve general muscle soreness and post recovery strength methods, mobility and muscles range of motion.

The simple way to perform contrast therapy is to switch between a very cold and hot shower switching back and forth doing a minute each for a total of 10 minutes. Some people prefer to combine the use of a sauna with an ice plunge.

The contrast therapy can make you able to burn up around 1000 calories in less than 45 minutes.

tart cherry juice

2. Drink Tart cherry juice.

Tark cheery juice is particularly indicated to reduce post workout muscle soreness. Study researches have shown that drinking tart cheery juice after training reduces muscles protein breakdown and muscle pain speeding up the recovery process.

The reason why tart cherry  juice is so beneficial is because it contains special flavonoids and anthocyanins which both have antioxidant effects in the body. It is also rich in potassium, which helps to carry electrical impulses throughout the body, regulate blood pressure, hydration, digestion, heart rate, and pH balance. Cherries contain almost 10 percent of your daily recommended potassium value which is about 330 mg per cup.

active recovery

3. Active recovery

It is also recommended to stay active after your gym session to help you to recover faster. Some studies can also prove that for example on cyclists active recovery was able to removed lactic acid build up in the muscles helping them to recover after their workout faster. Other studies also showed that doing cardio on your days off or after a workout can benefit recovery.

It is important to keep a low intensity activity instead of a mini workout like a very slow jog or a walk to get the most benefits without harmful effects. Active recovery can also be done by using a foam roller over different parts of your body, or cycling on a stationary bike.

foam rolling

4. Foam rolling

The main reason why foam roll can help reduce muscle soreness is for the fact that it helps to stimulate blood flow to the areas that have been targeted delivering also nutrients to muscle tissues. Research has also indicated that foam rolling increasing the activity of parasynthetic nervous system which is responsible for rest and digestion functions.

Using a foam rolling can help the body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and place it into more of a recovery mode;  if you want to use a foam rolling after your workout you need to simply roll it over some body parts and hold on some tender spots for 20 to 30 seconds before moving on the next one.


5. Creatinine

Creatinine can help to boost muscle work after a workout session. There are numerous studies that indicate that creatine is more effective when taken after performance because it can better improve body composition and athletic performance.

Creatine can also reduce muscle induced damage and soreness as mentioned in a study published in the European journal. Also in meta-analysis researchers discovered that taking creatine just after a resistance training session can better increase muscle mass. So if you choose to take creatinine after your work out you might need about 5 grams per day to get the best results.


6. Protein

Protein is the most important macronutrient to consume after workout because it contributes to produce a positive protein turnover rate which means more proteins that are build up in a muscle that the ones that are broken down.  Some researches have found that for maximum muscles building benefits you might need 40 grams of a high-quality protein source after a workout.

If you already intake some proteins before your session it is not need to quickly consume a fast protein source, but if you trained fasted 2 or 3 hours before your workout, you might be better to take a protein source sooner rather than later or go for a faster digesting protein type like whey protein.


7. Hydrate after your workout

It might sound obvious but you also need to ensure to stay hydrated after your workout. To Hydrate the body is not only important for your health but also to see best results as dehydration prevents muscle growth, lowering muscle protein synthesis rate, and because muscles are made out of 79% of water it is essential for muscle growth to stay hydrated.

Other studies have found that just a 5% dehydration rate reduce remarkably testosterone production after weight training also increasing cortisol and norepinephrine; mainly testosterone is important for protein synthesis while cortisol and norepinephrine tend to increase muscle protein breakdown. Make sure then to drink at least one or two glass of water after your workout so that you can keep well hydrated.


Those above are 7 tips you should consider to follow after your workout;  contrast therapy is beneficial for muscle soreness and post recovery speed up process. Tart cherry juice contains  antioxidant and potassium that can help to reduce muscle protein breakdown.

Active recovery is recommended to be done at a low intensity after your workout to recover faster and to quicker absorb lactic acid in the muscles. Using a foam rolling can help to fast recovery and to prevent injuries after you finish your workout. Creatinine has been proved to have many positive effects if taken after training including body composition and athletic performance.

It is very important for muscle growth benefits to take a high quality protein after exercise and finally make sure to stay hydrated especially after your training session in order to get the best results and to stay healthy.

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