7 effective ways to burn fat while sleeping

7 Effective ways to burn fat while sleeping

7 Effective ways to burn fat while sleeping

What if you could be able to burn few extra calories per day just sitting on a chair or purely slipping,  how much time you would save at the gym and how you should get your meals bigger and more filling. This can become reality when someone can burst metabolism or their metabolic rate to be more specific. This is one of the most important and considered aspect that allows people to  have more food indulgencies and enjoy life better.

This post will provide you seven effective ways to burn extra calories calories per day without any extra effort. Your metabolic rate refers to how quickly your body is able to burn calories; a slower metabolism can cause numerous negative effects including fatigue, food craving and difficulty to loose weight.

The good new is that with a change of your lifestyle and diet you can reverse your metabolism and get back to a healthier life feeling much more better. Below are 7 effective ways to improve your metabolism and to burn more calories effectively even when you are sleeping or resting:


1. Optimize your thyroid functions

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland, situated in the front neck right below the Adam’s apple and it plays a major role in regulate metabolism and many body functions. To produce thyroid hormones the gland uses iodine so it is important that you include a sufficient amount of iodine in your diet.

People mostly think they can get iodine mostly by eating salt but it doesn’t score much high and there has been a big push in the health industry towards using sea salt over regular table salt as if sea salt is a better source for iodine but the truth is that both have the same basic nutritional values and the same amount of sodium for gram. A better solution should be to utilize iodized salt to obtain the right levels of iodine and for people who like to use sea salt there are also few brands that offer iodized salt which is also quiet effective at maintain optimal iodine levels.

Two other important minerals for thyroid functions are zinc and selenium, because they help in the process of conversion from thyroid hormone T 4 to its active form T 3. A zinc deficiency can have  very negative effect on metabolism has few studies have found out and zinc deficiency is quiet common among athletic and active people because exercise increases the body’s demand for zinc. Taking zinc supplement can help your thyroid to function properly and let your metabolism run at a top speed.

coconut oil

3. Use MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides)


Another tip to boost your metabolism is to replace regular cook oil with MCTS or medium chain triglycerides like coconut oil which are high in lauric acid. Several studies have shown that oils with MCTS can improve metabolism and help people to loose weight and body fat without badly affect cholesterol. The main point  is to replace the sources of fat that you are already taking considering that all oils are the most calories dense food and you need to consume them in moderation.

4. Eat enough protein

Out of the 3 macronutrients, protein, carb and fat, protein is the best at increasing your metabolism and it does it mainly in two ways:

  1. It has a high thermic effect which means the amount of energy your body uses to digest and store protein is much higher compare to other nutrients. A 2014 review published in the journal of nutrition and metabolism concluded that 20% of the calories taken from proteins are utilized in the digestion process; in brief every hundred protein of protein that you eat will take 15 to 30% to digest and store that protein source.

2. It increases body muscle and prevents you to loose mass while you get leaner as also proved      by several studies.

muscle growth

5. Increase your muscles

Newer and update research has discovered that each pound of muscle burns about 70 calories per day and even if it isn’t a huge amount build up more muscle effects also the way that your body uses at rest; it  improves insulin’s sensitivity which helps your body to use glucose more efficiently.

On the other hand insulin resistance can make more difficult for your body to burn fat for energy so by developing muscle we can get a higher insulin sensitivity. Another aspect is that we usually consume the glycogen storage with the required training to build muscles though bulking our muscle will also help to increase  glycogen storage capacity and absorb carbs more in the form of glucose into the muscle cells rather than fat cells.


6. Keep constantly hydrated during the day

To keep always hydrated not only avoid dehydration but several studies have also shown that drinking about 2 cups of water increase the metabolic rate by 30% for about 30 / 40 minutes which means it can add about 25 calories burnt and if you do it multiple times daily drinking also cold water instead you can burn hundred and more extra calories per day. Cold water is preferred because it forces your body to burn more calories to produce it.


5.Eat chili and general spicy food

A substance called capsaicin inside chili peppers can increase metabolism activating brown adipose which uses regular body fat as fuel to generate heat. Evidence also has shown that capsaicin can also create fat oxidation, supporting your metabolism while you are dieting to prevent metabolic slow down. Another benefit is that eating chilly can better fill you up and can reduce your food craving especially at night time.

ice bath

7. Ice baths and cold exposure

Cold showers are believed by many people to increase your metabolic rate, mainly because proponents of cold showers  are more based on specific people within studies rather than entire researches. Different studies have proved that the amount of calories that you burn when people are exposed to cold temperatures can vary from person to person and the average increase in metabolic in most of the subject was not quiet significant how everyone believes.

However it does seem true that cold exposure can help to burn more calories when the body is cold because cold exposure can help to activate more the brown fat. An ice bath would definitely help you to burn calories much faster than a cold shower. You can also drop the room temperature to at least 66 degrees and keep it for a long time span as an alternative, but keep in mind that wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt to tolerate the temperature, might reduce the effects on your metabolic rate.

Bottom line

I hope these tips might help you to understand about how to better accelerate your metabolism even when you rest, by combining some of these tips you definitely will be able to burn an extra couple hundred calories per day while you rest which it can be very beneficial for health and weight maintenance. Thank you for reading and please share a comment if you wish to. See on the next healthy episode!


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