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Hello everyone and welcome to my Healthy and wellness website. I have always been a promoter of a healthy and good self-caring life. I have decided lately to set up a website in order to share some of my experience with others and also to be able to help some people who need tips and advises on how to conduct a better healthy life.

To eat organic food for example it can bring lots of benefits to your body reducing the amount of chemicals in your diet, to avoid GMO (genetically modified organisms), artificial colors, flavors or preservatives which are usually present in non organic products.

I have personally experienced many benefits consuming healthy products and supplements like reduction of cholesterol, better sleep, lowering blood pressure and better mood. The lifestyle that we conduct it is also determinant to reach wellness; to find time to spend on physical activity for example or to sleep enough hours at night, to manage stress and anxiety, to avoid any type of excess and more.

The benefits of a healthy life

To maintain a healthy life can prevent long term illnesses and chronic diseases. I would like to help people to develop his/her personal beliefs and to give some support to those who may need it. This means to guide them to some possible choices about food, activities, social life, jobs and more. I would like to help people to surround themselves with positive energy to face certain obstacles with a positive attitude.

I don’t like to sound as a mentor I just would like to share my experience and beliefs which may not apply to everyone of course but finally I should be able to share something which I might learn something new from it as well. The key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to apply small healthy changes every day and to be able to see improvement in health, energy, appearance, etc.

Living a life in a healthy minded can offer us a better quality lifestyle boosting our confidence and fulfillment about being part of this world. I can give people some advice on how manage healthy and nutritional food, taking care of their body, reduce stress and anxiety, let them feel great about themselves inside and outside to live a more plentiful, confident and joyful life.

Some more perspectives

This website is conceived to give and receive tips to readers about how they can include components considered to be parts of a lifestyle that lead to good style life. In addition to what has being mentioned about what people should do to conduct a healthy life we also would like to examine some aspects about consider some actions or habits that lead to unhealthy living.

I like to consider the balance between physical and mental health, how they are closely linked and how a good or bad change in one direction can affect the other. I would like to share healthy living related stories, local happenings and commentary and to provide materials for informational and amusement purposes also.

The website can provide also some tips on how to shop for healthy foods or meal planning to reach specific goals. You will find somebody workout and descriptions on how to do different types of exercises. My goal is mainly to be real, it means to provide evidence-based claim like a story or a person behind the scenes and to encourage and motivate people by what they read and interact on the blog.



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