anabolic running

Anabolic Running

What is Anabolic running?

Anabolic running is an anabolic running system designed by Joe Lo Galbo  which helps you to build more muscle, burn fat and boost your testosterone. The workouts are based on the HIIT (High intensity interval training) extremely time efficient and they don’t require any equipment, supplements or previous experience.

Joe lo Galbo is an ex-marathon runner that decided to change his training habit after realizing the negative effects of endurance running; it apparently increases cortisol and decreases testosterone. Sprinting instead promotes to burn fat and to build lean muscle.

Joe lo Galbo also conducted some researches to discover the perfect sprint interval training workout.


How does it work?

Anabolic Running is an online program designed for men that teaches to easily reach your lactic threshold using an ancient sprinting technique.

Previous experience is not required and not even expensive equipment, right in the comfort of your home.

The program includes step-by-step workouts starting from beginner, intermediate and expert levels making it easier to progress your training progresses.

You don’t need to spend long time working out; with only 16 minutes a day three times a week you can growth your hormone levels by 500% and 100% testosterone levels naturally.

Anabolic Running is not just a series of workout regimes. It both includes a complete health and fitness guide for men. In addition to the workouts, you also can find powerful techniques you can use  to improve your performance like  nasal techniques, anabolic intensifiers, 24-hour hacks, interval training and more.

You also will find an amount of valuable information that illustrates the history of this running secret and the benefits you can expect. To add more this program  can also be used to increase your physical endurance and blood flow, boost your sexual performance and testosterone, and eliminate erectile dysfunction.

The package includes also 60 days money back guarantee since you can notice results after 2 weeks you have plenty of time to experience the full effect.

Anabolic running in deeper

To give you a better picture of what you can expect from this training module here’s a quick description of the main module.


  1. Catabolic Cardio
    1. Side Effects
    2. Forms of Catabolic Cardio
    3. Catabolic Exercises
  2. Anabolic Running
    1. History of This Running Style
    2. Nasal Breathing Technique
    3. Interval Training
    4. Benefits of This Running Style
  3. How to Use This Program
    1. Beginner Workout
    2. Intermediate Workout
    3. Expert Workout
  4. Anabolic Intensifiers
  5. Running for Endurance Athletes
  6. Running for Strength Training
  7. 24-Hour Anabolic Boost
  8. More Anabolic Hacks

+ Video Library

In addition to this, you also receive access to the video library, as well as four free bonuses:

  • Indoor Running
  • Testosterone Hacker Handbook
  • Shock and Awe Strength
  • 17 Foods That Boost Libido

More about the creator of Anabolic Running

Anabolic Running  was created by Joe LoGalbo. Joe has helped thousands of people to get in excellent shape also through large boot camps that he organizes all over the United States. He is a personal trainer, an author and the guy behind Live Anabolic.

Joe LoGalbo had previous bad experience while training for a half marathon. Apparently during that time even if he was following an healthy diet and a good physical preparation for the marathon his sexual drive was dropping more everyday and after many failed  sexual attempts his wife accused him of falling out of love with her. At that point he decided to get deeper into his issue and he started to look for answers.

He did many researches and found out that modern cardio workout are feminizing man at a higher proportions. He then discovered an ancient running way that increases testosterone and forces new muscle growth.

This was the turning point in his approach to training, which saw him doing a deeper research to complement his qualifications and to deal with the problem in an effective way.

The practical result was a change from slow cardio to HIIT, which he then made it more “ancestors’ like”, a return to hunting drills for the modern age man, the routines of Anabolic Running.


  1. Anabolic running  will give you 530% more growth hormone  decreasing your belly fat and increasing better overall fitness from just running 16 minutes per week.

2. You will have a better sexual drive and vigor while developing a shaped and ripped body.

3.  Increases Nitric Oxide which is the main source of muscle pumps and it helps to open blood vessels allowing more blood to pass through.

4. This running program will burst your testosterone levels. The key to increase testosterone level and growth hormones is to produce lactic acid.

Your lactic acid levels will be immensely boosted by this running technique. A test conducted by The University of Carolina between two groups of participants that were both exposed to different time to the lactic threshold proved that the group exposed for 30 seconds experienced a 530% increased in growth hormone which those only exposed for 6 seconds increased less than half.

5. The training required is just 8 minutes, 2 days a week plus you will cut back your workouts at the gym. 

6. This program not includes steroids, supplements or any other pill to still give you muscle strength and health benefits.



This Program is Only for the Dedicated. To get best results you need perseverance; If you are a type of person that quits easily in just few weeks of workout this is not for you.

You will need to  handle a couple of short and very challenging  16 minutes workouts.  Of course, you cannot build a powerful and astonishing physique if you cannot handle such workouts. As they say, more pain more gain.

Who Anabolic running is suitable for?

This module is designed for men who are not comfortable with their general body shape and want to get rid of extra unwanted fat still keeping lean muscle mass but find it very difficult to achieve these goals.

It is not solely a muscle-building program, but  it is also designed to boost metabolism and natural testosterone production without any external aid.

It is suitable for men  who want  to eliminate excess body fat levels and bring back  their general masculinity look and high energy levels but without relying to equipment and products.

It may be suitable for people with low body fat that are looking for a different training approach than slow-paced cardio and people that like an easier way with limited time and no gym access.

Anabolic Running can be used in conjunction with your present workout plan or an alternative to long cardio sessions and it can give you good results in a short time.

To get in deeper

Here is the digital books that you get after you buy the Anabolic Running program:

Anabolic runner program

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A look on what is inside the ebook.

Inside you can find in details how can you do anabolic running, why it is recommend and it’s important.

This is how the video looks like:

anabolic running video


Here ‘s some testimonials from some people that have tried the program:

Below are also some reviews from website that might help you to better understand about this program:


Final thoughts

Anabolic Running is a good alternative to ineffective cardio basic workouts helping to burn fat build muscles and boost testosterone.

This is a program that has a lot to offer for the investment. it includes video tutorials for a price for which most plans would give you just manuals.

It is based on a High-Intensity Interval Training method with a spin which you can customize to your own fitness levels.

It is completely equipment-free ideal for those with limited time ideal for those with limited time and can be done even while traveling.

The program aims to improve energy levels, lean muscle gains, fat loss and to improve energy levels including also a bodyweight session.

If your goal is improving your fitness levels and to get in good shape without gear in a short time with time-saving workouts and at an accessible price, Anabolic Running may be the right choice.

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