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Are vaccines safe? Useful considerations about 5 Pro and Cons

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Vaccines is a topic that have been discussed in the past and also a lot recently meanwhile, a lot of countries are still working continuously  to find one against Covid 19. A vaccine usually works by inject into a body certain part of a pathogen to trigger an immune response.

These molecules are called antigens, and if the virus or bacteria will reappear the immune system should be able to fight it. Although vaccines have always been recommended by Health authorities, there are important aspects to take into account before proceed for a vaccination.

Vaccines types

There are different types of vaccines and each one is developed to train your immune system to respond to each pathogen. Live- attenuated vaccines for example, should be done carefully to people that have a weak immune system because it contains a small amount of the weakened live germ.

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Vaccine side effects

The most common side effects of vaccines are mild, including mild fever, chills or mild fever. Serious side effects from the vaccine are very rare with a very low percentage of risk.


  1. Vaccines can be useful to protect communities to stop the spread of diseases.
  2. Vaccines can prevent you from diseases even when you travel internationally.
  3. The ingredients used in vaccination are not used in large quantities at a level that should not cause health problems.
  4. Vaccination helps to prevent diseases outbreak.
  5. Vaccination can help to protect unborn children and future generations.


  1. There are rare cases that vaccines can cause some serious effects and allergic reactions that can develop adverse effects from the treatments.
  2. Some vaccines still contains Thimerosal which is an additive to prevent bacteria growth.
  3. Vaccines are part of large business profits that some companies might use to boost their  sales rather than consider the effects on health.
  4. Some vaccines might not be successful to create immunity or not 100% effective.
  5. Some people with a weak immune system might not be able to get a vaccination or may be under a health care supervision.
    A typical syringe with a thin needle for inject vaccine.

Vaccines for children

Some parents might have some concerns about to get their children injected about the necessity or safety of the vaccine. Millions of kids are vaccinated every year without any concern. How can parents get useful advises about vaccine safety? Usually a child’s healthcare provider should be the first to inform the parents on the benefits and risks of each vaccine considering also each different case and type of immunization.

Some children might have some  side effects from a vaccine, like a minor fever or a small bump at the injection site. The risk for death or serious side effects  it is difficult to document due to the small number of cases. Statement about  vaccines that can  cause autism or other  major diseases, have been carefully  examined and denied.

Other  rumors that thimerosal , a preservative present in  vaccines could  increase  autism in some  children  are not any more to consider as  thimerosal was removed from all vaccines in Sweden in 1995.

Also in the U.S. thimerosal has  been mostly removed, but apparently  autism rates are  keep increasing,  throughout the world. After an elaborated review, the Institute of Medicine also confirmed  the that vaccines had any relationship with autism.

Is the Covid vaccine safe?

Vaccines to immunize people against COVID-19 are being developed  like a frenzied race and huge collaboration, but also spreading mistrustful thoughts and conflicting information by some authorities around the world.

To make sure a vaccine should be safely distributed, with a record of six months of data after phase III testing.  An immunization shot should be tested in a wide of ranging population  – not just  physically fit volunteers, but also people with unstable health conditions.

Three vaccines  made by Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca have completed their efficacy and safety studies among other 13 and two are waiting authorization from the FDA (Food and drug Administration)  to be used for seeking emergency.

Based on  reports provided by manufacturers in the vaccine trials different types of age and ethnicity groups were included.  The response of the trials has appeared  very positive apparently even in people at higher contagious risk even if,  before confirming the safety and the effectiveness of the product  it is important to consult peer-reviewed scientific publications.

The process to verify that a vaccine is safe involves multiple steps:

First, the Data and Safety Monitoring Board, elaborate safety and efficacy data from the phase III  trials, after the FDA staff and their independent vaccine-advisory committee conduct more reviews. More data are also reviewed by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the Center for Disease control advisory group.

There are also in most of countries independent groups of scientists and public health experts who will consider reviewing the data before the final distribution begins. Considering all these stages of evaluation we should think that a vaccine is safe and effective for use.

The ideal scope of  vaccine should be to prevent infection, reduce the severity of the illness once you get infected, and to cut the chain of transmission.

Unfortunately it will take more than a while before  life will go back to “normal.” We know for sure that vaccines reduce the severity of the illness and that the achievement of herd immunity will depend on which extent the vaccine will be able to protect people.

Still more research need to be done to better understand the mechanisms of transmission of Covid 19 however, many expert scientists claim that a population more willing to receive a vaccine will be able to get over quickly to safely resume in-person interactions, something that has been quite missed lately.


The pro and the cons of vaccines need to be taken in consideration to determine what is the right decision, I hope that this info can help someone to better understand about this topic. Some people might have concerns about the fact that vaccine might cause autism in children. Most of cases shows that there is a link between when the children receive vaccination and the time they develop the autistic spectrum. Several controlled studies have disproved that vaccines should be the cause of autism as mentioned above.

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