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Belly fat 7 useful tips too reduce it faster!



Belly fat is excessive fat which surrounds mainly the hips and thighs; It can have negative impacts in our body involving the production of substances like excess hormones or chemicals. This article aims to discuss about 7 remedies and diet options at least to reduce belly fat for both men and women.

We need to distinguish two types of fat visceral and subcutaneous, which is less dangerous and it can also produce more beneficial molecules. Even if visceral fat occupies only a small part of our body it can still cause healthy issues like cardiovascular diseases, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Men have a tendency to accumulate more of abdominal visceral fat rather than women whose usually tend accumulate it in the gluteal/femoral areas. There are few advices that you might consider helping you reduce belly fat related to diet, lifestyle and habits that are illustrated below and that might be to consider.


 Belly fat causes

Belly fat can be developed by many factors, poor diet, lack of exercise, genetics and more. In many cases most part of the body fat is subcutaneous which means is present in a layer beneath the skin. The other type of fat is called visceral or intro- abdominal and is situated more inside the abdominal wall.

Why is visceral fat more dangerous of subcutaneous? Scientific resources have shown that visceral cells in particular are endocrine organs which means they produce proteins and hormones which can put our health at risk. One of this protein for example called cytokine can cause a risk factor for heart disease and also another protein called angiotensin that can constrict blood vessels.

Subcutaneous fat even if doesn’t improve our look, it surprisingly produces some beneficial molecules like leptin, a molecule that can help the brain to suppress appetite and Adiponectin which can help us to protect again diabetes and to produce an anti inflammatory effect on the lining of blood vessels.

There are some common causes of excess belly fat; One is related to an excess of calories intake which if not burned lately they transform into lipids. The balance between the storage and consumption of calories depends from genetic configurations, the time spent on physical activities and the number of calories your body spend while resting.

Genes can also contribute to the causes of gaining weight affecting metabolism, body fat distribution and sense of fullness.

A diet made mainly on sugary food, high carbs and low protein can reduce a person ability to burn calories causing weight gain. Also, trans fats, a form of unsaturated fats contained in baked foods and fast food can also increase fat storage if consumed in high quantities.

An inactive life style can cause difficulties for a person to get rid of superfluous fat especially around abdomen. When a person is in a stress situation, the body might release cortisol a hormone that helps the body to deal with stress but which can lead to accumulate excess calories also around the belly areas.

Risks related to excess belly fat

Abdominal obesity can be linked to metabolic and general vascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, stroke and other pathologies related to obesity. Insulin resistant syndrome which affects a crucial hormone production in order to help the body to burn energy. Once insulin looses his power, blood pressure and bad cholesterol can increase leading to potential complications on health.

Several studies have shown that women with abdominal obesity are at higher risk for breast cancer. The risk is related to the production of estrogen in excess which can increase hormone receptors breast cancers to develop. A team of scientists have recently discovered that extra fat cell can cause a chronic inflammation in the body which is linked to breast cancer appearance.

According to a Korean study an excessive amount of visceral fat can increase the development of precancerous polyps in the colorectal areas. Belly fat can also raise the risk of asthma because of the inflammatory effects all over the body including the respiratory tract.

Seven useful remedies to quickly lose belly fat.

 1. Cut Carbs intake 

Lower your carb intake can be very effective for reducing abdominal fat. Diets that include only 50 grams of carbs daily have caused quick belly fat loose, especially  in people who  are at risk for diabetes and  with  overweight complications.

Resent researched have shown that simply substitute refined carbs with unprocessed starchy type can improve significantly your metabolic health reducing also fat in your abdomen.

2. Avoid sweetened food and beverages

Fruit Juice  provides vitamins and minerals, however  a small serving contains a high amount of sugar which most of it is fructose. Drinking large amounts can cause to increase abdominal fat gain. You can replace it with water may be with a wedge of lemon or lime, or unsweetened home made ice tea.

3. Eat fatty fish

Fatty fish is a very healthy choice; it is rich in high quality protein and omega-3 fats that strength the immune system and can help to to reduce visceral fat.

Studies in people with fatty liver have found that fish oil supplements can crucially help to reduce fat improving their conditions.

You should get at least 2 or 3 portions a week choosing from salmon, herrings, sardines or mackerel.

4. Sleep Habits

Sleep is also important for general health and weight management. Poor sleep can increase obesity by 88% in children and 55%in adults some studies have recently found. Other studies have discovered that sleep can also increase your cravings for food that are high in calories decreasing your decision making abilities to make more healthy choices.

5. Track your food and exercise

Tracking your calorie intake has been proved to be a successful tool to weight loss in general. You can keep a food diary or use an app to monitor your intake of carbs, fats and micronutrients. Other applications can also track your physical activity and training routine. You will be able to notice quicker results because you can follow a schedule and better monitor your progress.

6. Physical activity

Along with diet, physical activity is crucial to keep your body and general wellness at a good level.  Experts recommend 30 minutes everyday at least 5 days a week. But to trim visceral fat you need to step up your training which means to understand different types of training and how to efficiently combine them based on your goals, preferences and expectations. You can check more info on this topic checking also this link

7. Three useful ingredients

  1. Apple cider vinegar – You can add a glass in a water jar it helps to reduce belly fat and to suppress your appetite and taste buds.
  2. Coconut oil – It contains fatty acids that helps to reduce belly fat increasing your body temperature.
  3. Green Tea –  It contains hormones that makes fat cells to release fat in the blood stream and  use it as energy.


There are available on the market a lot of products that with a balanced diet can help you to loose the fat. I have included some products link reviews for few products that are highlight below and that you might check it out:

Fat burner diet pills – They usually have a metabolism booster function, appetite suppressant, thermogenic fat burners and weight loss.

Fat burning creams for belly– Hot creams to apply to the abdomen area which  helps to shaping waist, abdomen and buttock tightening muscles and burning fat.

Waist trainer belt- It can help to increase sweat in the waist area, improve lower back posture and to loose weight.


Final considerations.

We can admit that gaining a fat belly not only has a bad effects on our look but also it can bring us a variety of health complications. It is important to make a distinction between subcutaneous and visceral fat and I hope that this article has explained it clearly. Men tends to accumulate fat in the front area of the stomach while women tend to storage it in the gluteal areas even if in their middle years they accumulate fat in the upper body. In order to not accumulate excessive fat in our body in general we need to reduce stress, increase body movement and improve our diet and habits. Doing this will definitely make the difference!


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