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Eat The Fat Off Guide

Eat The Fat Off Guide

“Eat the fat off”  is a step by step weight loss program which is formulated to activate a natural enzyme that helps your body to break down fat three times faster than normal.

This program is not based on counting calories, weight your food or intensive physical activity, instead it focuses on eating specific foods to burn fat naturally and that can improve your overall health.

So if you are willing to understand more about this diet program, this post will explain in details how  does it work, its creator, some benefits and what you should consider before you might decided to follow it.

What is “Eat The Fat Off” program?

“Eat the fat off” is a diet program designed for people to loose weight and to activate a particular enzyme that will make your body  burn more fat for fuel. This program will help you to produce an enzyme called Lipase – P, which is naturally produced by the pancreatic gland.

This guide is based on steps that you can easily follow daily on a 21 days schedule. It can enable you to loose weight without significant food restrictions, maintain lower sugar levels in your blood and reduce the chances of various other health issues.

How Does It Works?

It is divided in 2 phases:

First Phase – To activate the thinning enzyme

In this phase you will activate an enzyme in your body which will increase your Lipase B levels with gut healing foods. It must be strictly followed for only 12 days.

Second Phase – Eat More

In the second phase you are supposed to eat food to help you rebuilt and sustain your hormones. You will also restore the natural fat-eating enzyme levels. This method doesn’t involve any pills or drugs.

Why you should go for this diet plan?

The main reason you should opt for this program is its effectiveness in short time compared to other programs and the way it can help you to loose weight just by eating the right nutrients and enzymes that will enable to improve you physical and mental health.

More to say, anyone can use it by following step by step guide which does not require strict diets or long gym sweat sessions, it helps to control your appetite, reduce the signs of aging and it improves the general health of your heart and cholesterol levels.

About the creator of this program

John Rowley is the guy behind ”Eat the fat off”,; he wanted to create a guide to educate people to stay away from unhealthy food and to improve the level of nutrition in the body.

He found out that many people was investing a lot of money in order to get in shape but unfortunately most of those programs were not very effective as they supposed to be, producing poor results or any at all.

John has appeared many times on popular television channels like Fox News and the Huffington Post, in which he has explained how people can slimming down naturally simply utilizing a thinning enzyme. He also shared his personal previous experience of consuming daily large quantities of unhealthy food that cause many problems to him included cardiovascular disease on his late 30s.

He wanted then to find a solution; one day after picking on a travel magazine about an Greek  island called Icaria where obesity is practically inexistent he decided to make a better research.

A few months later, he teamed up with Chef Solomon, a Grecian food expert, his cardiologist Dr. Joseph Falsone to showed them his research. After several months of intense investigation he came up with the conclusion that the combination of fatty foods along with enzyme rich foods eaten at night was the key to get successful results.

He was able to loose 11 pounds just in few weeks, feeling healthier with more energy and even more libido. He basically  stopped eating as much during the day and started feasting at night, combining a few foods together during each nightly meal.

He ended up losing over sixty pounds  and fixed most of his health problems only eating these fatty, enzyme-rich foods at night. He even ended up as the Wellness Director for the International Sports Science Association later on.

lipase b

More about Lipase B

Research on this magical enzyme was done years ago. Recently other researchers have analyzed the bloodwork and unique foods of the Icarian people.

What they found was noticeable levels of an enzyme called Pancreatic Lipase… also  called Lipase-P. Lipase B is something your body can produce when you eat certain fatty foods.

It is the strongest form of the fat-metabolizing enzyme made by your pancreas and  it’s produced only when certain food are eaten.

You can get at any grocery store foods that trigger Lipase-P when eaten at night in the right combination with other food and the foods that produce this enzyme can be eaten as you like.

That means you won’t have to starve to obtain weight loss. And this program will help to make Lipase- B even stronger once combined with other enzyme- rich food in a specific pattern.

What will you get with “Eat the fat off”?

1. Main Manual 

eat the fat off

2.Grocery guide

This guide will introduces you to food that will help you lose weight, you will get surprised for sure after you will discover some of them.

grocery guide

3. Meal Planning

The meal planning blueprint will tell you on how to eat balanced meals at the right intervals to stay healthy and keep fit when you are on a fat loss diet.



meal planning

4.Cheat your way trim

This guide can suggest you how you can break the rules on cheat for food that you crave and that you might have abandoned for a while. It is important that you can make a plan also on how you can eat some types of food and still stick on your diet plan ; this guide will help you on how to accomplish that task.


cheat your way trim

How much does the “Eat the fat off” guide cost?

The guide is available from the creator’s website utilizing  click bank  a fast and secure way to buy on line for the special price of $19. If you are not happy with your results you can also claim a refund with a period of 60 days from the day of purchasing the eBook.

>>Click Here if you like to buy and quickly download from its Official Website<<


  • It can reduce acne and other skin problems.
  • It can improve your sleep and  can reduce pain in your joint and muscle inflammation.
  • It helps to slow down the aging process to prevent lowering Lipase- p levels.
  • It includes a list of foods that contain gut- healing enzymes and improve digestion.
  • It can control high cholesterol, triglycerides and insulin levels.
  • It is easy to follow and its duration is 21 days which you might to repeat depending on how overweight you are.
  • It is an online best seller with a lot of positive reviews.


  • There is not a physical copy available of it.
  • It is not suggested for teenagers.
  •  The results of this weight loss program can vary with every individual as e there is no surety for losing weight like others.
  • The results of this program might vary on different factors like body and the weight you aim to loose.
  • To get the best results you might have to work every day for a minimum of 30 minutes to shape your body.

Some more answered questions

This protocol uses a different approach to keep your body in good shape eating the right way as the method of losing weight instead of prohibiting the consumption of certain foods.
2. How can the book can help me in burning fat?
Following this guide you can reduce the body weight and excess body fat, it might takes more than 21 days as suggested buy the instructions however, with persistency you will eventually attain your desired results.
3. What is the eat fat off all about?
It is an Ebook guide to select food to choose foods that are high in nutrition and low in carbs and sugar.
60 days money back


Eat the Fat Off guide is a 21- day program which involves a 21 – day program that teaches you the how to lose weight using a fat- burning enzymes and exercises providing recipes, meal planning and more. It comes with a 60 day Money Back Guarantee so you can safely giving it a try.

Unlike other weight loss programs Eat the fat off promotes eating in a way that aims to body fat loss without cutting on your carbs or long exercise sessions. Furthermore, it is a one-time financial investment, so you do not have to rebuy it after like other weight loss products.
It’s worth definitely to try it.  Please leave a comment if you wish and thank you for reading!



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