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Hyperbolic Stretching Program Review

Hyperbolic stretching program review

Hyperbolic stretching program  is a complete flexibility program that comes in two different versions both for male and females which utilizes  stretches techniques that enable you to reach your maximum performance potential in just few weeks.

It can be easily adapted  to fitness level and it is designed for anyone that wants to improve flexibility and strength. Hyperbolic Stretching is a digital, four-week program based on ancient stretches techniques  to make the body more flexible.

Stretching is a relevant aspect  of your exercise , and doing it before the workout it can help you to avoid injuries and after the workout it can reduce muscle pain and to accelerate recovery.  Stretching exercises can help you to improve  full-body flexibility, hip power and more of health benefits.

Hyperbolic Stretching program  is based on an effective 8-minute stretching routine to boost your body’s ability to burn stubborn fat and to get a fitter body. Alex Larsson is the creator of this program, who is  a professional  core strength expert that instruct people on how to increase their strength and performance through mainly using stretching.

hyperbolic stretching program

How does this program work?

The main objective of this program is to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Many people cannot achieve many ranges of motions due to ‘survival reflux’ that automatically contracts muscle when stretched. The hyperbolic Stretching routine works on switching off this automatic tension reflux and opens the world of flexibility and new motions.

The 8-minute flexibility trick will help you to achieve high kicks and full split in the shortest time possible.

How Does Hyperbolic Stretching Program Work?

Hyperbolic Stretching program is a stretching routine to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, with 8- minutes routines done for at least 4 times per week. Most of the exercises of this method focus merely on abs, glutes and back and targets the core muscles with isolation exercises in order to strengthen them.

 Hyperbolic stretching is divided into five phases, which are:

  • Warm-up Series
  • Split Test
  • Week One To Three Exercises
  • Week Four Exercises
  • Flexibility Maintenance Routine

This comprehensive program comes in a 4-week regime. It deliver also strategies to heat and treat muscle tension, hacks on how to deal with Myotatic reflex and how use Autogenic Inhibition Reflex to let the body reach its extreme level of stretching.


  • It is formulated for both men and women
  • It is based on an ancient an effective stretching method.
  • It works well for people that cannot spend time at gym
  • It comes with 60 days money back guarantee.
  • It suits every category of people.
  • It reduces muscle tension and helps to reduce injury.
  • It has been designed by a fitness and exercise.
  • It can help to decrease stress, fat and to strength core.
  • It reveals the 3 seconds muscle contraction.


  • It might not be suitable for some people that have some medical conditions.
  • It is only available on line, a hard copy is not available.
  • Dedication and patience is required to achieve the better results.

About the program creator (Alex Larson)

The hyperbolic stretching program was made by Alex Larson, a programming engineer who was spending lot of time sit on his desk. The prolonged sitting and lack of physical activities led to health problems in Alex’s body. He started to have problems to his hips and neuro- muscular connectivity so he started  to search to find a solution to his problem.

After he consulted different rehab centers he decided to search the medical centers of ancient scripts. After a deep search he discovered the Hyperbolic Stretching methods. At first there wasn’t any improvement and after he tried the method for a week he was able to get the anticipated healing in just 20 days.

He lately decided  to quit his job and became a physical trainer, improving his training skills and trying always to help men and women through this amazing stretching program.

How can you incorporate it to your regimen ?

According to Larson hyperbolic stretching will promote the production of HGH (growth Hormone) and because of its capacity to generate bodyweight resistance training you can reach higher HGH levels from traditional forms of stretching.

To incorporate this routine into your workout session you just need to use hyperbolic stretches at the beginning and end of a workout as you normally would do. It is not recommend to skip the stretches at the end of the workout as they not only will relax your muscles to prevent injuries but they also will maximize the results of your training session. 

What you will learn from it?

  • You will learn how to do fast high kicks and complete splits at any time without any warm-up.
  • You will be able to understand the potential of flexibility which will  help  to correct your mistakes while doing stretching for static or dynamic flexibility.
  • You will learn how to improve  your body flexibility . It allows you to feel elastic easily on all the sessions.
  • It contains a 3-second muscle contraction secret that allows you to drop into whole splits and to  perform also the advanced yoga poses with no harsh.

What bonus you will receive?

  1. Full-Body Flexibility. It complements the main program or used by itself, bringing flexibility in a safer and more relaxed way.
  2. HIIT2FIT. That stands for High-Intensity Interval Training 2 Fit, which  is a fat-burning and fitness routine that claims to speed up the process of shedding body fat using high-intensity interval training.
  3. Training Guide. Further guidance in HIIT routines and specific exercises. This ebook delves into the science behind the choice of HIIT as a regular choice to gain and maintain optimal fitness levels.
  4. Mind Power Unleashed. This is a very philosophical, yet at the same time quite practical publication. It aims to imbue the reader with a positive mindset and attitude that will help through life’s journey. This E book goes quite in-depth to try to get you “on the rails” and ready for success, happiness and overall satisfaction with the bigger picture of your life.

How can you incorporate it with another working plan?

Considering some statements from  people who’ve actually tried this program, eight- minute hyperbolic stretches will boost the production of HGH(human growth hormone).more that you will from traditional forms of stretching.

Since you will stretch all the muscles of your body you will be able to better manage any type of workout even on a stationary bike.

Is it effective as a standalone program?

If you are looking for flexibility and to tone your core this program will be the right choice however, if your goal is to get the best results you might need to pair this program with some other courses like yoga or Pilates, training for more than 8 minutes a day.

More frequent questions

Is this program for everyone?

Everyone can use this program even if, if you have tendon problems or tissue injury you might need to give time to your muscles to recover before start it.

What if this program doesn’t work for me?

If for any reason this program shouldn’t work for you, you are safely covered by full 60-days money back guarantee. You can contact directly the seller website  and get issued a prompt refund.

Is  The Payment and Personal Information Safe?

All data are passing through 100% secure payment protocol and your information is never shared with anyone. The is using Clickbank as payment processor – a recognized global retailer certified by the Better Business Bureau. Clickbank operates in over 190 countries, processing thousands of electronic payments each day.

Some testimonials

Below are some testimonials from some people that have done the program and also that shared they experience:

Those are all good reviews from people that has experienced good results but it is not guaranteed 100% that you might reach your goal as it is showed in the video below:
Chris wasn’t able to reach his expectations even if he mentioned to have done this program from 8 weeks instead of four even if he still claims that he was able to do some improvements on his legs and feet.

Below are also some comments from Amazon:

good reviews

The first review mentioned that the program was helpful to help a lot to un-tight the muscle and to eliminate experienced previous pain just in few sessions. On the second comment Kayla wished to have a hard copy of the book but if you wish to have that you might be able to print and bind the pages.

bad reviews

It has been attached some bad reviews mainly based on personal judgement and as all we anybody can be always happy and satisfied, if you want to see more comments you can also visit the webpage on this link :https://www.amazon.ae/Hyperbolic-Stretching-Fastest-Flexibility-Strength/dp/1674990111.


Hyperbolic stretching  program can definitely help you to achieve a stronger core, flexibility and general wellness. It’s  only requires 8 minutes a day, and it can be used by both men and women of all ages, physiques and activity levels. Alex Larson its creator claims that you will see good results in just 28 days. It might takes a bit longer for some people to get that however after completed this program you will be able to retain it benefits for long terms.

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