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My cellulite solution program review

My cellulite solution is a women’s guide to get rid of cellulite using different movements that can strength and repair muscle fiber. Several creams and lotions are available on the market even if, these products don’t provide long terms results because they only can’t reach deeply into the muscle tissues fiber to eliminate cellulite permanently. My cellulite solution is a natural and safe program which uses movements to reach cellulite at its roots to smooth legs, thigs and buttocks just in a few days.

This program was developed by Gavin Walsh, a fitness and nutrition expert which has helped many women in toning their bodies  to reverse the cellulite development in the body. Gavin has worked with some of the world’s top fitness trainers and has appeared in many not renowned magazines like Women’s Health, and Cosmopolitan.

In brief, “My cellulite solution” is a program made to eliminate cellulite. It works using a natural approach to help the body to storage fat properly and smoothing it.  it reveals the secrets to activate your body functions to use fat as energy. Also, it explain  how to exercise properly so that cellulite doesn’t reappear lately.

cellu;ilite reduction on the hips

How does it works?

The program is a mix of deep-tissues exercises which not only work on the muscle but also on the layers closer to the the skin. My cellulite solution is divided into three main parts which includes as follows:

  1. Slow Burn: The first part will make you slowly burn cellulite using simple and effective exercises that will make disappear first cellulite dimples. The good thing about this phase is that it will give you a natural glowing skin. Also you will activate the dormant muscle of the body making your legs in shape and without any bit of extra fat.
  2. Velocity: This is the second stage of the program in which the long-lost fibers (orange peeled skin) gets completely removed. Simple 3D movements are involved to tone the muscles and make them energetic to get rid of bad appearances of the thighs and hips.

3. Ascend: In this last phase you are going to eliminate the cellulite in the whole body attaining the desired results to have a body without cellulite.

results after 21 days


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How to apply the program

The exercise routine is recommended for daily practice; it might take at least 30 days of consistent execution of the program before results might become noticeable. It might be advised also to follow a healthier diet plan along with this routine however, the developer hasn’t mention to make any change to it to still obtain successful results.

Every exercise can be done at the comfort of your place without any equipment or gym access and all the movements are divided into video series that show you exactly how to do it to improve your results. It might vary with each case however, most people only need to practice three session a day with the duration of less than 20 minutes for each.

What you will get with the package

When you purchase this program you will get:

1.Main manual (digital product)

2.Video guide

The main manual  will be your main guide as it will include the following:

  • The background about cellulite formation in the body
  • The exercises which are needed for eliminating cellulite

Here are the four parts that the manual is divided into:

  1. Elimination training for cellulite (3 exercises called 3D to eliminate cellulite).
  2. Elimination guide for diet (What is suggested to eat to cut cellulite).
  3. The Supplement guide
  4. the exercise library


  • This package comes with a 60-day money back guarantee which practically allows you to find out if this  activity routine works for you — all for free.
  • The exercise program is all downloadable from the Internet, that means no waiting time or cost  for delivery.
  • The training program is designed to get rid of cellulites for good.
  • This product is now available on the product website for $15 compared to normal price of $77.
  • Most people have reported noticeable results after only 7-9 days. A great advantage compared with similar programs.


  • Cellulite can be difficult to treat; It depends on how severe you got it, . if it’s just mild, your dimpled skin might improve  in only a few days or weeks. But if it’s severe, you may need to wait longer than 28 days. Keep your expectations reasonable as you might not get what you are aiming at.
  • You need patience and dedication in order to succeed with this program. Significant results won’t come if you will do the minimum expected. Make sure to be ready for commitment before you decide to buy it.
  • There isn’t any hard available copy for this program.

Who is this program suitable for?

My Cellulite Solution is suitable for every woman over 30’s  that wants to get  slim and smooth legs that they had like when they were younger.

What are precautions and side effects?

There are no substantial precautions and and no side effects you should be concerned with however, it is recommend to follow everything as instructions in order to get better results.


Below are illustrated some testimonials from  other web search  that might helpful for you to consider if you are interested in this program:

Product reviews:



More about Gavin Walsh

Gavin is the creator of My Cellulite Solution, and he claims his method has helped thousands of women to fight cellulite for good. He has appeared in many publications like Women’s health, Bazaar to write about how to properly eliminate cellulite.

He claims to have already helped thousands of women to eradicate their cellulite for good with his methods. He has been featured in Women’s Health, Bazaar, and other publications to write about the best ways to get rid of cellulite.

Gavin is almost sure that women will see positive results with My Cellulite Solution. However, if the user is not happy with the results after a minimum of two weeks without any change, they can request a refund within 60 days of purchase with the money-back guarantee.

60 days money back


This program can be bought directly trough the maker website and at the moment it is on a special offer for about only $ 15.

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Final Thoughts

This program is suitable for any women over aged 30 that are willing to loose cellulite and to get back in good shape same when they were younger. It is essentially based on lower body movements that help to metabolize the stored fat and and to create a silky surface on the legs and buttocks areas.

My cellulite solution is a completely natural program for eliminating cellulite once using a specific set  of exercises that remove cellulite at the root cause. It only requires 20-minutes to complete, and you can notice, smoother skin in as little as 7 to 9 days. Considering the fact that you have two months to try it with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee you just cannot loose. It surely can be  a better alternative to fancy creams that might never work.

I hope this article review was helpful and it was able to make you better understand about this method. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be happy to assist you as always thank you and see you soon!




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