The Smoothie diet

The Smoothie diet! 21 Days effective program

The Smoothie diet! 21 days Program

The Smoothie diet  is a customized 21 day weight loss program which is just more than a recipe book. This program is mainly focused on smoothies however, it also considers important aspects like how to improve your energy’s levels and how to manage your lifestyle.

According to the presentation video this program helps you to formulate your daily smoothie to compliment with your activities to accomplish your ultimate goals. It shows you in details which smooths you should go for, the best time to drink them and which one to choose from different activities.

The Smoothie diet works well in particular with people which are busy with their schedule and do not have much time to prepare their meals. This diet program can also help you to choose low sugar options and high fibers snacks. Let’s see in deep what it’s all about.

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How the Smoothie program works?

The Smoothie program is divided in two parts:

The first one is the Detox Plan where you replace all your 3 main meals with smoothies all day long.

The second one includes the 21- day plan where you replace two meals with a smoothie and just a solid meal with a few snacks. You can also introduce a flex day in which you can have a smoothie followed by two meals.

It is also included a “cheat day” with a prescribed list of foods for that day and you can repeat the 21- day program if you want to loose more weight.

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What does it comes with?

Main guide- A 150 pages E book guide.

Smoothie schedule- It tells you when to drink the smoothies.

Shopping list- A guide on what to buy at the stores.

Workout plan- A variety of workout to help you loose weight.

Recipe guide- A guide on how to prepare your smoothies.

Daily journal- To check your progresses and keep you motivated.

This program also comes with few bonus that might also be helpful to loose weight as illustrates below:

Bonus 1-  The three Smoothie detox :

The Smoothie diet can be started before the 21- Day program to get your body ready for optimal results. It includes 3 days of 3 specially designed for detox smoothies recipes and a complete shopping list of food you need. As mentioned by the creator of this prog some of his clients were able to lost 3 lbs just in 3 days.

Bonus 2 – Quick start guide:

This is a fast to do guide that you can start use without need to read the longer program, it is considered a version of the core guide. It contains a 3 weeks schedule, shopping list and smoothies recipes.

Bonus 3- Smoothies for kids:

A guide to make healthy food choices for kids so they can avoid weight issues when they grew up.

Bonus 4- Diabetes friendly and gluten free recipes :

Alternative recipes for people who suffer with diabetes or gluten allergy.

How much does it cost?

As a limited offer you can get the Smoothie diet program for just $37 directly from their web site >>Click here<<. If for any reason you are not happy with it you can send an e mail on this link and get a refund within 60  days of your purchase.

You can only buy this product from their actual website without offline availability.

More details

On the 21- day Smoothie diet you can drink two smoothies a day replacing meals. You can use different ingredients like fruits and vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. The e-book also provides some guide on the solid- food meal including some recipes and suggestions for high-fiber low-sugar snacks.

The detox plan included replaces 3 daily meals with smoothies for 3 days. On the 21- day plan you will have two smoothies as solid-food meal replacement, one solid-food meal and few snacks. This diet plan is not recommend for people with food allergies.

Unlike other diet plans, the Smoothie Diet doesn’t involve a food diary or calorie counting apart from the daily solid food you consume. Weekly meal plans and recipes are also provided in this guide and shopping lists are divided by smoothie and by week.

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  • It includes a shop list
  • Easy meal preparation and consumption
  • Noticeable loss of weight in short time
  • It emphasis natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables
  • It comes with 60 days refund option
  • It can help to reverse the harmful effects of toxins in your body


  • Preparation of Smoothies cannot always be at your convenience
  • Replacing meals with liquids is cannot be sustainable for some people in the long term
  • It might need more protein and fats to maintain a higher metabolism
  • It might be high in sugar including a large amount of fruits
  • There isn’t a strong evidence to support what a “detox diet” can do to your body

Some useful Q&A

  1. Why is the Smooth Diet plan useful? It not only helps you to loose weight but It also includes a detox plan to remove all the impurities from your body.
  2. Any side effects have been reported? There are still no recorded side effects from this program mainly because is prepared at home and it is all natural.
  3. Is it good for weight loss? If followed correctly it can help you to loose approx. 2 or 3 pounds x week. If repeated several times it can make you loose up to 50-70 pounds
  4. Who is the creator of this program? The Smoothie diet was created by Drew Sgoutas a certified coach and nutrition expert.


Danielle was able to loose 8 pounds just in a week after have followed this guide as she also mentioned ” I don’t have to suck in my stomach to button my pants anymore and I still have to stop to do a double take every time I walk in front of a mirror.”

Sarah was also able to loose 3 pounds in three days and she could feel having more energy and noticed her skin glowing again after a long time and she also stated  “This is the perfect Mommy Makeover I was looking for”. In the last few weeks I wasn’t hungry at all, and it is the perfect complement to my busy lifestyle. I know that I am losing weight in a healthy way!

You can also check this introductory video made by the creator Drew Sgoutas:

More useful videos:

Final considerations

If you are looking to loose weight in short time and you are a fan of Smoothies this program if definitely what are you looking for. It is considered more like a guide to use smoothies to accomplish your goals rather then a pure smooth diet.

It is also a detox plan that can help you to clean up your body from toxins, improve your energy levels and change your lifestyle. It doesn’t base on calories’ count or a food diary but instead how to use smoothies to begin your healthy journey.

If you consider to try this program please >>click here<< to go direct on the webpage.

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