TNT Pro Ignite. A cream that can easily burn fat!

Product: Tnt Pro Ignite cream                        Tnt cream from the front

Price: $ 34.97

Size: 6.5 oz  / 13.5 oz

My rating : 8.5  out of 10

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Tnt Pro Ignite cream review.

Tnt Pro Ignite cream is a special formulated cream for men and womn which helps to increase the thermogenic warm process  in the body during your workout, increasing sweat and burning fat storage.

It can be applied also in other parts of the body like the butt or your thighs to get rid of pesky fat and to obtain a toned shape.  A slimmed cream doesn’t increase metabolism instead, it temporarily loosen and dehydrate adipose tissue with a process called lipolysis (the breakdown of fats into fatty acid and glycerol).

This products as many weight loss tools  needs to be combined with a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine in order to give you the best results. You might also use it wearing a tummy belt which can cause more compression in the stomach area achieving extra toning on the abs.

What are the compounds of the product?

Paraffin wax

This  is a transparent soft wax which can soothe your skin mixed with other ingredients of the cream.

Aloe Vera extract

It is a plant with many properties which  helps to retain the moisture of the skin and it can help to heal it quickly with antioxidant benefits.

Jojoba oil

It helps to increase the sweat while exercising keeping your skin moisturized and purified.

Sunflower oil

It is the major ingredient found in this product which enhances fat burning.


It has powerful anti- inflammatory and anti- ageing properties.

Pomegranate extract

It stimulates skin cells to regenerate neutralizing the free radical in your body (damages from oxidative elements affecting body cells).

Coconut oil

Coconut extract it is a great moisturizer that can also hydrate your skin while you are working out.

Vitamin E

It increases the metabolic process of the body reducing the stubborn fat in an intensive training session.

Methyl Salicylate

It is useful to alleviate the pain in muscles and joints caused by strain and sprain or browses.

Green tea extract

It is helps to reduce stomach fat and to improve physical performance with also high antioxidant properties.

TNT back part



  • Tnt pro ignite cream increase skin perspiration opening the skin pores and improving blood circulation.
  • It doesn’t stain on your skin and it has a fresh minty scent.
  • It works in any part of the body where the fat might be more difficult to shred.
  • You can combine it with other thigh slimming products like a waist trimmer belt to get even better results.


  • The cream doesn’t have any official side effect found however, if you have a skin condition you should consult your physician before use it.
  • It might stain on clothes.
  • It must be kept at room temperature because excess heat like direct sunlight can make it liquefy.

Can Tnt Pro Ignite slimming cream be used by anyone?

If there are not any allergic reaction to the ingredients and if there isn’t a condition that cannot permit someone to use it, everybody can make use of it.  This product can even work well on post-pregnancy women that want to burn cellulite or to tighten the skin after they give birth.

Some conditions that won’t  let the cream work properly

  • If you make use of it while you are swimming.
  • If you don’t follow a proper healthy diet without burning calories for too long.
  • If you don’t increase your hearth rate and sweat enough to let it work properly.
  • Building muscles without any muscle exercise.

Final consideration

Tnt pro Ignite cream is a product that works on some parts of the body that helps to trim fat while doing physical activity. It targets directly sweat glands to increase perspiration and it can help your metabolism to burn fat faster.

If you are looking for a product that you also can use in conjunction with others external tools like trimmers and slimmers this is the right choice. It is available in two sizes 13.5 and 6.5  Oz ,so you might start with the smaller size to check on the results.

This product is made of many different oils and extracts which make it quite unique and valuable for its price. It penetrates inside your muscle and it works on the sweat glands opening up the skin pores for a better perspiration.

I hope this review helped some people that might be interested to start to use a fat burning cream and also  for some that wanted to understand better about this brand.

Please leave a comment or your review below and thank you for reading.

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