Yamay Smartwatch review for men and women. An amazing multifunctional tool at your wrist

a closer picture of the yamay sportwatch Product: Yamay smartwatch 2020 Review

Price: $45.99 (retail) Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com
Material: Durable and solid metal outside frame. TPU band design with breathable double holes Control Method: Touch Screen button features Charge Time: Two hours Working Time: Seven to ten days

My rate: 8.5 out of 10


Package Include:

1 x YAMAY 020 Smart Watch

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User’s Manual



Yamay Smart watch 2020, Product Overview

If you are looking for an affordable and multifunctional smartwatch that is compatible with Android and iPhone this can be a great choice. It can measure your heart rate, sleep patterns, GPS, distance covered, pace, steps count and more.

One other amazing  specs of this watch is that  it has IP68 Waterproof certification, which means that you can use it  when you go for a swim or in any situation when you are exposed to water. It comes with a nice and sleek design and the quality itself is good with strong straps and a sensitive touch screen;

Message alerts that appear on to the phone screen on
and two switches to route between the screens. It carries
a strong battery which works for 6-7 days if you wear it all
day long which is really awesome for such a small item.

It also has a brightness adjustment feature which works under different lighting environment. It has got easy replaceable bands which can be done by switching the clicker on each band on the tracker.

With all the great features and also being waterproof this gadget a must-have for this price. Works well for swimming and the glass is very strong which can handle the jolts of heavy workouts. This watch is also ideal for the first-timers to get started and give it a go.

this image shows you can use a smartwatch to track your training

More features in details about Yamay sport watch

Breath Guide: This function records the readings of when you inhale and exhale, and uses that data to guide you on how to properly meditate.

14 Mode Activity Tracker: A feature that allows you to choose a walk mode, jog mode, running mode, cycling mode and several other modes to enjoy different types of exercises.

Some fitness function are connected to GPS, you can use also your phone’s GPS to have a map prospect of your outdoor workout.

Female Health Tracker: A particular of this gadget is that It can track menstrual cycles and helps women prepare for their next ovulation. This new app called Fitbit is designed to learn more about female menstrual period  and how it can affect other aspects of health and fitness.

Intensity Tracker: This useful feature can help you monitor the intensity of your workout. It will indicate if you’re over performing or under performing your workout.

Smartphone alerts: The Yamay fitness tracker offers excellent smartphone alerts. This tracker allows you to connect with your smartphone and to access to all notifications and accounts on your social media.

the picture shows a trainer setting a smartwatch before a session


  • Sensitive touch screen.
  • It comes with a charging cable.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Variety of sizes available (5.7 to 9.2 inches), covering for kids and adults both.
  • Flashlight.


  • It doesn’t sync with tablets and iPads.
  • No charger included.
  • Its application isn’t compatible with the US versions of the Samsung J series handset.

Final considerations

The Yamay smartwatch is an incredible tracker that offers really cool features at a more than affordable price; it is a valuable asset from
its solid frame to the sharpness it offers.

If you are a fitness enthusiast this product is worth its value. It almost can do what a smartwatch should be able to at the price of less than 50 dollars is almost a gift. I hope this review has given you some more clue in regard to this useful gadget if you have any questions or want to leave your personal review please leave a comment below!

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